25 August 2005

friendly update...

yeah, just a little update with whatI've been doing in the past few days... I met my roommates, Kingsley from Ghana, Peter from Slovakia and Alister from Australia. It's funny... if someone asked me a year ago today that I would be sharing an apartment with those people from all over the world, I would have easily said "impossible"... life is full of interesting twists eh.

Anyway, the apartment.. Råslätt... is really far from the school!... like 7km... I won't be able to rollerblade that far since on the way there's sections of the road that is made out of cobblestone or whatever.. uknow.. not smooth pavement but large bricks, 1800s style. Impossible for an amateur rollerblader to handle those bumps. So, I guess i will be biking, Elisabet's brother, David, has lent me his bike so it's all good.

However, I might move into another apartment with just Elisabet right inside the city on october 2nd, the guy living there is going to U of Waterloo (yup, canada!) for exchange student program and wants someone to sublet his apartment. Its a big apartment and its just like few blocks from the school!... hopefully everything works out well :)

Yeah, still no internet at my apartment now, because it requires 3 month commitment and im not sure if i will stay that long... I'm gonna see if i can transfer the contract from my current apartment to some other apartment if i actually move...

Oh yeah, also opened a bank account here, I have personnummer (similar to SIN) now... so I guess, you guys can say I'm a swede now... :p

heh... alright, better go now.. I've got a computer workshop in few minutes, dunno what it's for...

have fun...


caroline said...

"heh... alright, better go now.. I've got a computer workshop in few minutes, dunno what it's for..."

So you can learn to use a computer... DUH!!! :P

glad things are cool



still think you should move to LJ to make my life easier!!

Brandon said...

easier for you, not for me ;)