14 September 2005

sorry bambi...

It's been a quiet few days for me in Jönköping... last weekend was the first weekend that I stayed in town. There hasn't been much to say except for the fact that I'm glad to report that I havent gotten any more bad luck lately :)

Yesterday and today I met with Dale Carl, he works with the international exchange program at Ryerson University. He's a very interesting man who knows like 8 or 9 languages and has lived all over the world. He was swinging by Jönköping on way to a convention in Krakow, Poland.

Tonight, my interpreters Marcia and Laura and I had dinner with Dale at some restaurant called Master Gudmunds Kallare... they served some Swedish delicacy... most of us had the Reindeer meat as a main course... and I think it was the best red meat I've ever ate... better than any piece of steak I've ever had!... WAIT.. before you all start running with flaming sticks and pitchforks trying to kill me for eating Bambi... I probably should tell you that I ate Dolphin meat when I was down in Miami and Keywest (yeah twice heh..) few years ago... :p Anywa, yeah I had a great time tonight... although I dont think I will ever eat at that place again, too expensive for my wallet :(

mmm, yeah it'll be a quiet week for me, only 2 days worth of classes this week for me... I'll be going to Göteborg this weekend so I should have some pictures posted up on the next blog :)

anyway, sorry nothing more interesting to report on the blog, I'm just posting this so you all in North America knows I'm still alive and kicking in Sweden :)



caroline said...

mmmm Bambi!!!

Buzzair said...

I remember you eating that that dolphin burger down in Fla.

I also remember you drinking toilet water and licking the bottom of my foot in attempt to win KFQ jackass :)