31 March 2006


hope I didn't scare you guys... yeah I'm alive and well. Nope, I haven't been hiding under the rock waiting for the winter to end although I wouldn't blame any groundhogs in Sweden doing that now (if theres groundhogs around here, I know for a fact that sweden doesnt have Raccoons) because know what?... the winter has not ended here yet. In fact, it was snowing today... jeez. It's april tomorrow, back home I would have been wearing shorts weeks ago. Oh well.

Lots has happened since I've last blogged, I've been really busy with my school, work and my own personal relaxation time whenever I can get it.

Andrew and dad visited me few weeks ago, it was fun showing them what Sweden was like I think I changed their perception on Sweden that it's not full of queers with mullets wearing pink shirts thats several sizes too small. I think they liked Jönköping more than Stockholm, they're just not cut out for the city life... a bunch of farmers they are :)

I just finished my final exams for my Economic Geography III and Marketing Management courses, I'm more than confident that I did well in those courses now I've got two last tough courses starting next week Database Administration III and Strategic Planning II courses... don't worry I'm not going to get into the details, I dont have that energy to blog everything these days.

One interesting bit of information, I just joined a baseball team that is part of the Swedish Elite League (the top level in Sweden), yeah finally after like 7 years of layoff I'm finally back in Baseball!! --- Softball does not count --- The team I am playing for is called Sundbyberg Heat ( www.sundbybergheat.se ), Sundbyberg is part of Stockholm. I hope I'll do well with them, I think they are interested in having me pitch after seeing some of my moves but let's see what happens.

In the end of April, I will be going to Tallinn, Estonia for a weekend... for those who doesnt know where Estonia is, its a country near Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. And then first weekend of May, Elisabet and I will be going for a romantic getaway weekend in Paris, France! :D.... should be tons of fun.

Yeah, I am still trying to find some time to go to Rome and Budapest... it looks like that I will stay few days in London, England before going home.

oh yeah, most likely it seems like I will be home about July 14th give or take a few days. The reason for that is, I want to be home by first week of August and Elisabet will be going to California for some camp program for swedish kids at some deaf school for 2 weeks after July 16th so I didnt really want to spend last few weeks in Sweden without Elisabet and there is ESAD softball tournament in Buffalo on July 15th weekend and I will be playing for the Rochester team so I'll be home by then.

hmm, I promise you that there is actually more for me to tell you but my interest in blogging has completely dwindled for some reason, I guess for me blogging is just another internet fad that has lost its shine... but I don't think I'm the only one though, I see many of you posting with less frequency as each week goes by :p...

so, if you want to see me say something more, email me, msn me, come in person and ask me or see me in July :)...

I might blog once in awhile now, but not as often as I did in the first few months... :) unless one of you want to pay for each of my posts :p



xFf said...

Good to know you're still alive, I already knew you were Alive as I saw your brother last weekend in Milton.

That goes for me, not blogging much lately, I think it's either spring fever or the winter plus school!


GRRR.. my 5th! attempt for word verification! didn't realize my pwd was blank. LOL!

proudpetite said...

That's awesome about you playing ball in Sweden :) Enjoy pitching.

I second you on the blogging fad... well, not sure about the fad but it's probably the phase where we are probably too busy and when we finally relax, we don't really want anything to do with the internet just yet.

Hey to Elisabet and happy travellings when you get to it. Congratulations on getting through the courses there :)

(xff, you still framing the word verification?)

Buzzair said...

Hey stanger!

Glad your still doing really good. Cool of your brother and dad to go and visit you.

Good luck with the baseball, don't huff and puff too much running around those bases.

LoL...my word verifiction is "firtqit"

Firtqit!! Sounds like it could actually mean something

oneninefive said...

Cool, since you said it is still snowing in Sweden, do they play elite baseball in the snow or is it indoors? :)

For blogging, I just think it is because we all are more busy and whenever we find free time, we do not spend that time on the internet.

Good luck with baseball and looking forward your next post. :)


Brandon said...

so far the practices are indoors... but the snow are beginning to disappear slowly, I'm assuming we will have our first outdoor practice sometime next week if not this week.

The season doesnt start until May so there should be no snow by then.