14 July 2005

post #1

well, well... this is my first ever blog... I'm still trying to get the taste of what blogspot has to offer for now. Basically in this blog, I will be just updating everybody with my experience living in Sweden from this August to early July next year.

This template sucks, so did every other template blogspot.com had to offer, I'm gonna play around a bit later on to see if I can create some decent template myself :)

Aight... gonna go now, 'til then.



Buzzair said...

Does that mean you think my template sucks?? :)

Its different than yours.

Brandon said...

no comment :p


xFf said...

I like your template, it's simple.

I like simple. I'm not quite satsified with mine.

You can use any template, if you google them up as it's HTML based.