16 July 2005

things to do...

Tomorrow, it'll be exactly one month before I leave the Pearson for Heathrow... I feel that I've managed to finish lots of errands such as student visa and that bullshit. There's still few things I've got to do in the next few weeks such as -

  • Sell my car (there will be an ad on autotrader.ca next friday for 2 weeks).
  • Call State Farm Insurance and tell them I don't need their services anymore.
  • Call Rogers Wireless and disconnect my pager services.
  • Gethealth insurance (am thinking of getting STA Travel's health insurance, its like 320 dollars for 11 months with maximum of 5 million dollar worth of damages covered)
  • Call British Airways (I bought two separate tickets, one from Toronto to London via STA travel and second ticket from London to Stockholm via travel.yahoo.ca, it was much cheaper that way, saving me like 500 dollars and only 5 hours wait time at the heathrow airport, I want to call them and see if I can get my bags delivered directly to Stockholm instead of me checking out and checking in again in London)
  • Am gonna check out if I can get EI or Welfare for my duration in Sweden, I doubt that its possible but would be nice to have some extra cash around since I am hoping to not work for the whole year in Sweden.

If anybody has any comments or some insight of what I can or should do, please feel free to let me know :)

have fun,



Buzzair said...

First of all, nice blog, cool title.

Let me be the first to comment in it. :)

Couple things...did you check out insurance through your bank? I did that because its a Canadian company and someone you can trust and deal with. Although read the fine print! Make sure you get the right policy for your needs.

Can't you get ODSP? A nice 708 a month for nothing.

Brandon said...

yup, I've checked health insurance costs via Royal Bank... they only provide coverage up to 6 months and its like 500 dollars...

as for ODSP, i've tried them before and I don't like how they operate, once I deposited like 40 dollars cash from a friend who owed me money, then the ODSP suspended my ODSP account and requested an explanation for that deposit... that's frigging stupid... plus to reapply for it is too much hassle, theres like 4-6 month waiting period... I think I'll take the EI or welfare route if it is possible.


Buzzair said...

Alright but if your gonna go with STA just make sure you read that policy from top to bottom, and the fine print too.

Maybe even get someone in the field to check it out to make sure your fully covered.

Buzzair said...

40 dollars? wow...you must have had a real anal case worker.

I've deposited a lot of small things here and there and they didn't say anything until the OSAP loan I got.

EI is good if you've been working for a long while and can qualify. Welfare...ehh..I dunno. Dont know much about it.

xFf said...

That goes for my case worker too, they don't give a rat ass on my bank activity.

I got it while I was in Australia, nothing so far. Hope they won't notice it when they look at my case file.

STA health Insurance is pretty good, I'm impresssed with STA's service in general. Bought tickets from them, they changed my flight when the airline wouldn't let me, and much more.

xFf said...

i thought I'd share this with everyone, I have RSS setup for all of my friend's bloggers. I would know when there's new post. It works nicely, give them a try, Firefox has RSS.

I'm glad you chose Blogger.com not some crapass like Xanga or Livejounral