30 August 2005

första dag i skolan

(translation = first day in school)

First, i would like to reply to the comments on my previous blogs... Laing - Yeah, beer is healthier but more expensive!... FrecklesFly - yup, I know what you mean... some of the words are beginning to look familiar to me now... but nothing relaxes me more than looking at some english :p Maria - yup, my english should should be easier for you to understand than my teckenspråk for now... but maybe in few months, it will be the opposite :D Ja, Elisabet will be working in Stockholm 50% and hopefully be able to do some courses at some school in sthlm. It means I will be visiting stockholm more often :)

Okay.. yup, today was my first day of school at Jönköping Högskolan, I'm not sure how Högskolan is translated into English but from my understanding so far, its an University in Jönköping that is composed with 4 colleges or högskola's similar to RIT University and its 6 or 7 colleges?...

Anyway, my first day went good... I have this German named Gunnar Warnsby teaching my Finance class, it's his first semester in Jönköping, and he scheduled all of his classes in just september, I asked him if we were gonna have any classes in october he didn't realize that the A1 (First part of the first semester) ended at the end of October... heh... I'm not sure what he will do now.. probably postpone some of the classes to October. And today, was my first time to see a teacher talking on the mobilephone during middle of the class... at Ryerson the teachers always emphasized to turn off the mobile phones or they would get really pissed off but Gunnar, the teacher, just said.. 'hang on a sec' and talked on his phone for few seconds :)

Today was also the first time I've seen a teacher ask students if he could have a coffee break... everybody was like...huh?.. sure, be my guest :)... yeah the teaching style here is more laid back and more group oriented, I feel like an equal with everybody in the classroom including the teacher... well.. yeah, it's just my first day... tomorrow could be different :) I'm gonna buy the textbooks tomorrow, I hope they aren't too expensive :s

Oh yeah, the bike ride from the apartment to the city and/or the school is far!!... I don't think I've ever biked more than 15km since 16 years old when I got my drivers license :) My legs were sure tired... yeah, since Elisabet won't be staying here it means I will stay at Råslätt for the entire school year... so I'll be doing more biking than I thought :) but yeah it's all good.

Yeah, as I said earlier, Elisabet will be going back to Stockholm... so tomorrow after my macroeconomics class Elisabet's father will be picking us up and I'll stay in Stockholm until monday morning and take a train back here...

hmm I guess that's all for now... until next time...


xFf said...

By the time you finish school, you would probably cover same distance from your home, cambridge to Sweden :)

At least that'll keep you in shape, and you could still bike when u get back to Canada :) no need to go and look for car.

That's cool about teacher being laid back in Sweden, wish a lot or all of the teachers at RIT were like that!

marathonbabe said...

Actually, biking is the best choice now for people here. Be grateful you're gone in a good time because it's at least a dollar and 35 cents per litre of gas. Cost me about 55 dollars for a honda civic car of mine.

Interesting timetable you have... wondering how long it'd take you to know your timetable without looking at the paper :)

Good luck with all your courses.