03 September 2005

Third week...

Hey y'all...

This is my third week in Sweden, yeah like I said in my previous blog, I'm beginning to get settled in here. I'm getting used to all of the walking, biking and using the public transportation (it's not as horrible as it might sound heh). I know everybody who's been reading my blog is getting somewhat bored with all of my blasphemy and no visual aids... :) not to worry, for the first ever time, there is pictures today!! :)

Before getting to the pictures, let me reflect back on my last few days since my last post. hmm, yeah last wednesday, I had my first macroeconomics class... it looks boring so far, then after the class I biked to the city to the "bookstore"... the school campus doesn't have one so the students usually get their books from the local bookstore. The grand total for my textbooks for just 2 courses was 1,410 Kronors!!.. ehh. yeah about 225 CDN dollars... ugh, I never will look forward to buying new textbooks. Oh well, all part of being a student (especially in Sweden where everything else is expensive!). After getting the books, of course I made another 8km trek back to my apartment on my ol' bike. Elisabet and I went back to stockholm later that night.

Thursday, I just spent the day resting. I talked with Elisabet's father and I was curious when was the last time he changed his car motor oil and he said it was about one year ago!!... I strongly urged him to change the motor oil ASAP and told him that it should be changed every 5,000km or 3 months, he was not aware of that fact... not surprisingly though with everybody using the public transportation, nobody understands how an automobíle works around here, it's like rocket science :) So on friday, I changed the motor oil for Sandor (Elisabet's father).

Last night, didn't do much, just visited Mattias and watched a DVD... "Daltons" it's a French movie with swedish subtitles... From what Mattias said, the Daltons is a famous comic book series made into a movie. The movie had some funny moments, but woulda have been better with english subtitles :) Then, today, Elisabet and I went to the city (Elisabet's home is something like Etobicoke part of Toronto) Anyway, went to the city, checked out some stores and then met Elisabet's old American friend that Elisabet knew from when she was at Gallaudet few years ago. Chatted for awhile, then some more walking (of course, what else? :p)...

Yup, now, I have some pictures for you :) These was taken from Crayfish party that Lisa Åström hosted, it was on my first weekend in Sweden. I didn't really enjoy ripping those crayfish apart like savages... just felt so unrefined and barbaric... yeah one of my personal quirks is that I don't really enjoying eating food that still has animal bones in it... some of you know that I don't really eat chicken wings :) anyway... pictures now...

Kräftskiva (Crayfish party)

Here is Elisabet coercing me to eat the Crayfish

Me, exhibiting my dismay of eating Crayfishes
Yeah, enough about the crayfish party, let's see what my apartment in Jönköping looks like eh?...
This is the hallway of the apartment, that is what you see when you open the front door of the apartment. The first door on the right is the guy from Australia's room, the second door on the right is the kitchen, third door on the right is the Slovakian guy's room... the door straight ahead is the bathroom, and on the left handed side you can see the closets, thats where coats or some cleaning supplies are stored, my room is on left handed just beyond the closet, and further down left handed is the guy from Ghana's room.

Onto my bedroom... (this was taken just shortly after I moved in so excuse the mess :p) This is my bed... There's a curitain that I can use to "separate" the bedroom from rest of the apartment for visitors etc..
My "desk" for the next year :)

There's a good sized balcony out of the door... I keep my bike in there.

This is the view I have outside of my balcony, if you look at the other apartment buildings, it's pretty much identical to my apartment building.

Alright, that's it for now... I gotta get some sleep now, tomorrow I'm gonna start cracking my books and finally do some homework... I've been lazy for few days now. Tomorrow night, there will be some deafies getting together to watch a movie at the theatres.. yeah more glorious svenska subtitles for me!! :p... We'll be watching the Amitysville or something.. u know the remake of the old 1970s horror movie. Hopefully it's better than that 70s movie.

See ya later,



I wanted to add some pictures of the kitchen and the bathroom, but i had some problems with the formatting of this blog, so I will add it sometime later when I have time... (its 1.30am now :s)


tara - volando e volando... said...

sigh, bones - yep, you're a crazy macdonald-chicken-mcnugget guy esp. for that reason. you just got to always pray before eating food and then eat with care. hugs, tara (thank-you)

oneninefive said...

Crayfishes do not have bones, they have shells - and I think they are better than chicken wings because they have no gooey sauce all over that gets attached to your fingers.

Go back to the party and enjoy some more crayfish. :)


Brandon said...

do u know that if u open the crayfish shell wrong way, ur hands will be covered in with the remains of what was in the crayfish's bowel... at least chicken wings is just full of bones, fat, veins and meat...


tara - volando e volando... said...

dear, chicken mcnuggets are purely artificial - nothing of anything (and that is what relieves you).

Brandon said...

i never said that i enjoyed mcnuggets either... I've boycotted McDonalds Meat ever since I was like 8 years old... if you see me at mcdonalds, i will be only eating the ice cream, fries or grilled cheese sandwich or drinking a soda. :)


tara - volando e volando... said...

remember your 13th surprise b'day party at mcdonalds (it was your mom's idea!)? so, not as early as age 8, that's for sure. :).