07 September 2005

Burger King in United Kingdom

Hey y'all

I'm washing my clothes now, the machines said I got 30 minutes to kill so I thought I might as well fulfill my promise of writing something about my Burger King experience that I mentioned few weeks ago.

You know how these days the fast-food industry are trying to become more health-conscious and are always trying to find ways to make people feel good about eating their greasy food through marketing or adveristments. I thought the Burger King in Heathrow Airport were taking this a bit too far.

When I ordered a Medium Sprite, Large Fries (Tara, notice that I don't eat meat at Burger King either... only Wendy's is good enough for me :) ) Anyway, yeah I ordered those stuff they were placed in a BK paper bag, as I sat down and ate those stuff I noticed something very interesting. There was this short "blasphemy" carefully written, intended to make people feel good about eating their food on each paper products I had, the paper bag, the small paper bag for my fries and the paper cup for my soda.

I'll let you read those blasphemy now...

On the paper cup of a Medium Sprite;
This cup makes a staement about you. It says "Hey, look at me, I'm an ambitious and decisive person." You could have gone larger, but you didn't. You could have gone smaller, but you decided against it. Yes, you know excatly what you want in life, and that you should always have it your way.
On the paper bag of the Large Fries;
Some fries are mavericks. Free spirits that slip over the paper wall and make it straight for the bottom of the bag, where they can plan their next move. We wcall these spud separatists "Bagglers", and they're especially delicious. Maybe it's because they're a little ouyt of bounds. Life is weird like that.
On the paper bag that holds all of the food;
The great thing about a take-away bag is finishing your meal. Firstly, because you're left with that gloating look of satisifcation and secondly you usually find a couple of loose renegade fries. It's like when you put on a pair of trousers and find a fiver in the pocket. It's the simple things...
Wooo!... who agrees with me that the Burger King are taking this marketing campaign a little too seriously? :) I can imagine people feeling good after reading these stuff but if they realize why the burger king are writing this stuff, they should feel stupid and fat :)

I practically laughed while reading those stuff, who ever has thought of fries being mavericks and finding a fries in the bottom of a take-away bag does NOT give me the same satisifaction of finding a 5 dollar bill in my pockets :)

oh well...


Buzzair said...

Then the fat asses who find the fiver in their trousers will go out, buy a BK meal, and read the statement again.

A vicious cycle :)

Lindsay said...

I can't believe they printed that on the bag. They're working the philosophical angle!