11 June 2006

How I was found...


Almost since the day I created this blog, I've used a tracker to count how many visitors I have received on this page, you can see it on the right side beside "ShinyStat" box... and the total page hits is not the only information I get, I almost get wide range of information from you guys such as your operating systems, your browser types, or what country you are in when you're reading this blog.... the most interesting information I have found is the search keywords that people input in google, yahoo or msn search when they wanted to find my blog but didn't know or forgot my www address or those others who searched for some random things and apparently came across to my blog since it somehow fit into their search keywords. I'm gonna display the keywords here just for fun and make a top 10 list of the most strange keywords.

The top 10 list will be shown then rest of the keywords grouped into months.

Note: if you notice any mistakes with the spelling or odd grammar or missing dots above the letters such as jonkoping instead of correct spelling of jönköping, I just copied exactly what was used as the search keyword.

TOP 10 (in random order)
  • how to annoy your teacher - September 2005 - unfortunately I don't think my blog had any good tips
  • spud separatists - September 2005 - what is that anyway?
  • good bye from work - August 2005 - people actually go online and search how to say good bye from work?
  • pictures of forehead injuries - October 2005 - that dude has a strange photograph collection
  • does matts sundin have a swedish girlfriend - January 2006 - unfortunately he's taken -- not that you would have a chance :)
  • gay movie swede - January 2006 - uhm? no porn on my site
  • asl shaved lady pictures - March 2006 - not even sure how to comment on that :)
  • do you have a pictuer of frogs left and right side in the inside match - April 2006 - huh?!?!?
  • black-pissing - June 2006 - sounds like a problem that I wouldn't want to have
  • sweden law learn asl - March 2006 - get yourself educated, why would it be a law for Swedes to learn a foreign sign language?

Now, the entire search keywords on the record since July 2005.

July 2005
No Search Keywords - probably because I don't think I created any blog posts at that time.

August 2005
  • bg0ur3
  • bg0ur3.blogspot.com
  • good bye from work
September 2005
  • brandon & goure & blog & jonkoping
  • brandon goure
  • raslatt party
  • 40 kronors lunch i jönköping
  • bryden's bar+milton
  • how to annoy your teacher
  • http://bg0ur3.blogspot.com
  • jönköping
  • life at jönköping
  • living in råslatt
  • raslatt 05
  • råslätt
  • spud separatists
  • stockholm party
  • teckenspråk
  • weight regulations for british airlines
October 2005
  • "the daltons" "subtitles"
  • amitysville house
  • bg0ur3
  • bg0ur3.blogspot.com
  • brandon goure blog
  • britta's 2nd birthday
  • http://bg0ur3.blogspot.com
  • innebandy blog
  • innebandy pro touch focus
  • pictures of forehead injuries
  • semester + apartment + göteborg
  • washer sweden kronors
November 2005
  • "25 years old" + blog + cambridge + ontario
  • airport regulations
  • bg0ur3.blogspot.com
  • brandon goure
  • bredäng centrum photos
  • bryden's milton
  • life as a swede
  • sentimental, say good bye, good luck
  • swedes quiet bus
  • teckensprak
  • teckenspråk + "charlotte gustavsson"
  • www winter coat large size in swede
December 2005
  • sweden's mayfest
  • brandon goure, ontario
  • britta wiesner
  • innebandy
  • life as a swede
  • liseberg gøteborg sverige
  • odsp
  • summer fun in sweden
  • sweden life conversation
  • webcam jönköping city weather
January 2006
  • life as a swede
  • bg[3] - windows ...
  • brugge beligum
  • does matts sundin have a swedish girlfriend
  • gay movie swede
  • hydro bg users
  • mats sundin interesting facts
  • mini-stick on calendars
  • swede
  • weather beligum
  • world war postcards and letters
Feburary 2006
  • brugge beligum
  • cleaning swede shoes
  • definite swede of cooking
  • how to clean swede coat
  • life as a swede
  • map jönköping ikea
  • max men bg
  • sweden hockeygame 2005
  • sweets food pictuer
  • teckensprak stockholm universitet video
  • translate swede
  • waffle, how to make beligum waffle?
March 2006
  • affect of globalisation on macroeconomics
  • asl shaved lady pictures
  • blog swedish my jönköping elisabet
  • brugge beligum
  • djugardens hockey
  • how do you clean swede shoes
  • ho' +swede+it+is+nhl
  • jenny swede
  • slovak swede blog mattias
  • swede sec
  • sweden law learn asl
  • think near tram user near bus and jönköping
  • ur.se
April 2006
  • "have a good day" swedish phrases
  • 100% dating .bg
  • beligan waffle mix loblaws grocery ontario
  • beligum waffles
  • brussels midi station atm
  • coachline bus company ny
  • do you have a pictuer of frogs left and right side in the inside match
  • fireworkd design shirt
  • getting a swedish personnummer
  • pictures swedes traditional clothing
  • webcam swede
May 2006
  • "estonia clothes"
  • "something about estonia"
  • brandon goure
  • canadian nickname fat swede
  • crime in bredäng
  • deaf bg people
  • estonia tallinn movie
  • final exams jonkoping
  • gallaudet zoltan tenure
  • http://bg0ur3.blogspot.com
  • jönköping champagne quality
  • kat estonia webcam
  • life of a swede
  • midi in powerpoint dont work
  • most beautiful languages estonian
  • random fact estonia
  • sacred jesus blood brugge
  • skype founded tallin
  • skype tallin mayo 2006
  • swede day rochester 2006
  • swede life
  • swedish phrases you would you like to go to a restaurant
  • tallinn estonia party
  • why city life rocks and country life sucks
  • wikipedia estonia
  • wikipedia tallin estonia
  • window estonia tallinn
June 2006 as of June 11, 2006
  • bg0ur3 blog
  • black-pissing
  • brandon goure
  • brandon mackan
  • capital city of estonia
  • crayfish festival jonkoping
  • jonkoping sweden exchange sudent blog
  • omnitor
  • ryerson exchange student in jonkoping blog
  • screwed in tallinn
  • swede +car +stories +crazy


oneninefive said...

When will your last post be?

How was the trip back to Canada?

Miss Sweden?

Forget all your ASL skills?

How's life in Kitchener, aka Cambridge? :)

Happy to get back to your Canadian beverage diet?

oneninefive said...

When will your last Swedish post be posted? :)

Anonymous said...

You haven't posted anything new here or responded to my q's.

How does it feel since it has been 15 months and 2 weeks since you left Canada. :)

195 said...

Get off WOW and update your blog! :)