06 June 2006



There is a post about my trip to paris just below this post if you guys want to read more. this post is just to summary what I have been up to lately...

Yeah, things have been busy as always, with school, work and baseball... I always look forward to those days where I just stay home and do nothing all day... but good news!... I'll be done with Jönköping this saturday! (one last final exam on that saturday) and then I'm gonna be in just stockholm for the entire time I'm in sweden until I go home.

Lately I've been out to baseball games and practices... our team is 3rd in our divison now, though with the talent I've seen on the team I'm sure we can finish atop of the standings however I won't be around to see that... the season continues until end of September and obviously I will be in Canada before mid-July.

Thank god for our paris trip, or I would have barely seen Elisabet in the last 2 months, she has been very busy with her work... she is one of the people who is responsible for the sign language day www.tsp25.se , its a big thing in sweden where sign language was officially recognized as deaf people's first language and few weeks ago was the 25th anniversary... there was a big gala and all that like toronto's deaf culture centre (the gala was even on the same day) I didn't go to the Gala because my baseball team had a weekend series (3 games) in Leksand, (3 hours north of Stockholm) .

Anyway, as you all know, my time here is coming to an end too quickly... I'm beginning to say my farewells to those who I don't meet too often and this weekend I will say my "goodbye" to Jönköping. Even though I hate the town, it's always been a home away from home to me... a place where I can be alone and just chill and do nothing,... in Stockholm it's almost impossible to do something like that... thats the city life for me.

anyway, i guess you're up to date about me now :) I guess I will write few more posts before I go home before ending my blog for good since as I said in the beginning of this blog last year, this blog is only about my year in sweden... I ain't gonna bore you with my everyday details in cambridge :)

see y'all later

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oneninefive said...

Finally a post - no details about your Paris trip? :)

Why don't you extend your stay in Sweden until the baseball season is over? :)