23 July 2005

24 days to go...

Some people have been asking me why I don't update this blog often... the reason is because I want to keep this blog's focus on my experience in Sweden. Sorry to everybody who wanted every single personal details of my life :)

Yup, only 24 more days to go now,... can you imagine how tiring it is to see everybody asking me the same question over and over, "Are you excited to go to Sweden?"... most of the time I just try to be nice and smile while nodding but what I am thinking is -- Seriously, is there someone out there who actually thinks that there is a slight remote chance that I could NOT be excited to go to Sweden for a whole damn year?... Is there someone out there who actually thinks I will say 'no' or 'not really' to that damn question? :) hehe... I'm typing this because there was someone (I prefer to keep this person's name anonymous) that asked me the exact words "Are you excited to go to Sweden?" on three different times, on three CONSECUTIVE days!!... *sigh* I guess that person is either more excited than I am or excited that I'm leaving for some reason :p naah, that person's just probably, for the lack of a better word, ignorant.

Yeah, I know what you all are thinking, I probably should as well wear a sign in front of me saying "Yes" and just point at it the next time.

After some research, Welfare (now called OntarioWorks) is out of the question, ODSP - forget it cuz the application process takes 90 days or so... and yeah, I only have 24 days left and they require an interview at the end of the application process so. Employment Insurance (EI) is still a possiblity but I cannot apply until I am actually not working which will be on August 12th (my last day working is on the 11th).

Hmm,... I just bought a pair of in-line skates.... Rollerblade's Aero 7 ... I was contemplating to bring a bicycle to Sweden but it would be a hassle thru airports and I figured it was time to brush up my skating skills :) The dorm will be few kilometers from the school so I hope to put those skates in good use :)

One last thing, I tried to mess around with the template but then one thing got screwed up, whenever I fixed one thing the other thing just got screwed up so I just decided to reset my template into its original state. I will be adding some links of friend's blogs and some links about Sweden for your viewing pleasure :)



oneninefive said...

Yö brö,

Äre yöü excited tö gö tö Sweden? I betchä yöü äre! Ööps, I jüst reälized thät questiön ännöys yöü sö I better äsk ä better qüestiön... Äre yöü excited tö try äbsinthe jüst ä few däys beföre göing tö Sweden? :)

I think I can öffer än änswer for the reäsön thät persön is äsking yöü thät ännöying questiön... Thät persön is excited yöü äre göing äwäy! :)

Änywäys äfter yöu give me yöur mäiling äddreß, lemme knöw when yöu get my European fläbbergästing pöst!

See yä within däys beföre yöü heäd to Sweden!


Brandon said...

actually I think all of those Ää Öö and ü you typed were more annoying...

hehe... btw address has been emailed to ya.


oneninefive said...

Gläd I cän ännöy yöü when I äm hälf wäy äröünd the wörld! :)

xFf said...

Are you excited to go to Sweden??? :)

Buzzair said...

Aww man...don't tell me you added the google ad sense shit.

You sell out! :)

Brandon said...

heh, i've got to make some money any way i can get it... how am I a sellout anyway?...

Buzzair said...

cause friends like myself see enough ads on the internet. I go to my friends blogs to read their nice blogs, not to see advertisements.

Brandon said...

then ignore the adveristments :)