27 July 2005

tick tock...

Exactly three weeks left today, I know I should not be counting down the weeks/days since only thing it will do is increase my anxiety but that should give you my answer on whether I am "excited" to go to sweden :) ... by the way, from my last count for today, six different people has asked me that godforsaken question (not counting Bezaire's sarcasm :) ).

Eh,... yeah, I'm starting to feel some urgency that I should be spending more time with my family and friends. As time approaches, the more time I wish I had spent with my friends in the past few months. I've been working too much, 50-60 hours.. few times I've even broken the 75 hours in a week barrier just because I need to save up for Sweden.

Earlier today, I was talking to someone who grew up in Milton all of her life until 20 years old or something then she moved out to midwest for almost 15 years, then she finally moved back to milton, she had to get to know who her friends (same ones from 15 years ago) all over again. I feel that it's hard to imagine but after reflecting back on my highschool glory days, almost all of my closest classmates are or will be in different countries (Cheryl in USA, Lisa and Leigh in Canada, Megan in Kenya, Tara in Italy and of course myself in Sweden) and sometimes I wonder if we ALL will ever actually be able to sit down in same room at the same time again? I know for a fact that it hasn't happened since 1998 and it won't happen for another year at least.
Will it actually take 15 years? I hope not.

It's interesting that you don't realize how valuable the people around you are, family and friends, until it hits you right in the head just before you are leaving them for a long time. To those Rotary exchange students, I don't know if you actually felt that way but if you people ever did then I can finally sympathize with you all. I know it's wishful thinking to assume that everything is going to be the way it is right now a year later but the reality won't permit that.

I think after this year, my priorities on life will change somehow but exactly how? I don't have the answer to that just yet. As I continue wondering, the time ruthlessly continue to tick and tock.

It's safe to say that 2005-2006 will be the biggest turning point of my life. Let's see what's gonna happen.

keep reading,


xFf said...

Now you are getting excited for Sweden :) You said it yourself. Are you going to get more excited as the time come closer??

marathonbabe said...

Thought I should let you know I've been reading your blog :)

Since 1994 (the year my classmates and friends graduated and splitted), there has been not a time of us all in one room. Every chance we had, there's always ONE person missing. I don't think I should count on the possibility of everyone in the same room but appreciate what is left of us every events and then. If ever everyone is in one room, that's like winning a lottery. Actually, it'd be different because often everyone brings their significant others with them.

Enjoy your trip to Sweden, say hey to Elisabet and I'll be sure to keep reading.

'til then,

Buzzair said...

Quote from Brandon's prev post -

"Some people have been asking me why I don't update this blog often... the reason is because I want to keep this blog's focus on my experience in Sweden. Sorry to everybody who wanted every single personal details of my life :)"

Now your going into profound details about missing your family and friends.

Blogging is addictive isnt it :)

I planned to stop when I got back from Europe, but I just had to keep blogging. heh

Brandon said...

those feelings are still related to my going to sweden... its not about my love life or something that annoyed me today :)


Buzzair said...

Ok...Your waived this time...but I'm watching you! :)

You stray from your trip and you'll hear from me.

Brandon said...

Yes Sir :p


Buzzair said...

I'm getting sick of the tick tock bro... Add more blogs! :)

Brandon said...

ha, theres nothing much i have to say thats related to my trip next week... and I don't want to piss you off by "straying off my topic" but apparently I just did by doing nothing? heh...


Buzzair said...

lol, I'm never satisfied

Butterflygal said...

Sadly, if I was in Southern Ontario and I saw you, I would be asking if you were excited. :-(

I know the feeling of looking at former classmates and wishing we could get together again. It seems so impossible but if it does happen, I would be so thrilled.

This is Amanda, in case you didn't already figure it out.