13 August 2005

stupid airport regulations

I've packed up 99.9999% of the stuff I'm gonna bring to Sweden, the 0.0001% remaining is just the clothes I'm gonna wear in the next few days. I did consider packing up everything and just wear the same thing everyday for 5 days, I thought it would be easier, then I thought again, it would be more of unsanitary than easy :)

Unf, I am allowed to bring 64 kg from my flight between Toronto to London using the American Airlines... but since I bought separate ticket from London to Stockholm, British Airways consider me as a euro traveller instead of an international traveller. You might wonder what's the difference,... the difference is 40 Kilograms!! British Airways will only permit me 23-24 kg of baggage weight thats approximately 90 pounds of luggage weight difference. I've called the British Airways and pleaded my case that I would be staying in Sweden for a whole year and 24kg is just impossible to "survive" on. Their official answer were "we regret that we are unable to accompany your requirements." Oh yeah, American Airlines allows 2 bags, and British Airways will permit me only 1 checked bag.

*sigh*, here's what I've come to now... I have one huge bag that is currently 33.5 kg with 0.00001% remaining to be packed, I'm hoping that American Airlines wont give me too much hassle about it because they limit each bag to 32 kg. I might try lifting the bag with my foot while its being weighed at the check in area :) But, I just know I'm gonna face problems checking in my bag in London... I expect to pay about 100 dollars for the 10kg overweight thing.

That makes me wonder... If an adult woman, who is just tiny, like 5'1 and 100 lbs... is allowed to bring 64kg worth of stuff (mainly clothes) then an adult man who's at 6'3 and 250lbs is still imposed upon the same requirement? that's just ridiculous, the baggage weight limitation should be in proporition to the passenger's size because the bigger the person is, the more fabric is used in the clothes hence their clothes, shoes, coats or whatever will be heavier than a skinny, and short woman's clothes guaranateed!!!!

This is the kind of hassle that I defintely do not need, I have enough stuff going on in my mind on whats happening on the next few weeks.

Wish me luck while checking in my bags :)


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marathonbabe said...

At least, petite women like me have some advantages :) I love clothes and I could bring more than anyone could.

Good luck :) Other than the luggage situation, have a safe good flight.